CAP Fellowship Program

Application Deadline
The Call for Proposals in Now Open - The deadline to submit your application is May 25th, 2017 at 12:00 noon

Building Practice Leaders to Improve Patient Care

What is the CAP Fellowship Program?

The CAP Fellowship Program is a unique annual opportunity for point-of-care-health professionals to lead quality improvement projects that will advance best patient care while learning about leading change in a complex academic health organization.

Why a Fellowship Program for point-of-care health professionals?

Point-of-care health professionals work directly with patients and families every day. They know where we need to improve patient care and how to successfully make those improvements.

The CAP Fellowship Program provides the protected time as well as the necessary support and resources to help healthcare professionals make those improvements.

The Program began in 2010 as the Nurses for Tomorrow (N4T) Innovation and Research Fellowship Program, and gained national recognition in 2012 by Accreditation Canada as an Innovative Leading Practice. The program has since expanded to include other health professions, as well as participants from other hospitals and other healthcare sectors.

Who can participate?

The CAP Fellowship Program is open to full-time or part-time point of care healthcare professionals who do not already have professional development or research time built into their roles and who are not in formal leadership positions.

How is the program supported?

The CAP Fellowship program is sponsored by the TG-TW Foundation, Collaborative Academic Practice, and University Health Network. Funding is used to cover release time for successful Fellowship candidates.

For more information click here or to make a donation to the program, please click here.

What types of projects do the Fellows engage in?

Fellowship projects must be quality improvement initiatives. Research projects are not eligible due to the short duration of the program. For more information on the difference between quality improvement and research click here.

Examples of past Fellowship projects include:

  • Implementation of a quality improvement initiative to improve temporary restraint practices in the Emergency Department;
  • Creation and implementation of an educational pathway for patients diagnosed with heart failure; and
  • Creation of a return to work template for patients following cancer treatment.

For additional project examples go to the alumni tab where you can view videos of previous participants describing their Fellowship projects. You can also watch the 2016 and 2017 final project presentations on OTN:

2017: Tuesday CAP / Wednesday TAHSNp / Thursday TAHSNp Part I / TAHSNp Part II

2016: Tuesday CAP / Wednesday CAP / TAHSNp Part I / TAHSNp Part II

For further information about the CAP Fellowship Program, please contact the UHN Program lead Kerry-Ann Smith at or 416.340.4800 ext. 4394.

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