2014-2015 Fellowship Recipients (TAHSNp)

Congratulations to the 2014-15 Fellowship recipients

Andreae Family - Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) Interprofessional Innovation and Reseach Fellowship
Joan Kitchen, Kinesiologist
TR - RC - Cardiac Rehab
Project Title: Cardiac College: Evaluation of e-Learning Modules
Juliet Marie D'Costa, Registered Nurse
TW - 3B Fell Cardiology and General Internal Medicine
Project Title: Promoting Best Practice in Nurses' Assessment, Prevention, and Management of Delirium
CAP Head and Neck Surgery Fellowship
Emmanuel Tenazas, Registered Nurse
TG - 6B Head and Neck Surgery
Project Title: Embedding Sex Health in the Head and Neck Oncology Program at UHN
Sprott Surgery Collaborative Academic Practice Fellowship
Phoebe Lam, Anesthesia Assistant
TG - Perioperative Care Unit
Project Title: High-Fidelity Simulation-based Continuing Education Program for Anesthesia Assistants: A Pilot Project
Oncology Program Health Professions Innovation and Research Fellowship
Leila Amin, Occupational Therapist
PM - Cancer Survivorship Program
Project Title: The Development of a Return to Work Planning Template to Facilitate Work Re-Integration after Cancer Treatment
Oncology Program Nursing Innovation and Research Fellowship
Jessica Lam, Registered Nurse
TG/TW - Nursing Resource Team
Project Title: Bridging the Gap in Oncology Nursing Care at UHN
Fellowship for Innovation and Research in Education and Scholarship

Sharon Ryan, Registered Nurse and Anne Hu, Physiotherapist
TR - LC - 1A/B - Spinal Cord Rehab
Project Title: Interprofessional Pain Management in Spinal Cord Injury Inpatient Rehab
CAP Health Professions Innovation and Research Fellowship
Nesanet Girma, Speech Language Pathologist
TW - 5B Fell, 6A Fell - General Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neurovascular Units
Project Title: OT-SLP Collaborative Practice Initiative
CAP Joint Innovation and Research Fellowship

Rebecca Bliss, Social Worker and Robert Jr. (R.J.) Edralin, Registered Nurse
TW - Emergency Department
Project Title: Caring with Courage: An Interprofessional Approach to Improving Palliative Care in the Emergency Department
Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Christmas Fund - Toronto General Nursing Innovation and Research Fellowship
Ruthie Anderson, Registered Nurse
TG - 9ES - General Surgery
Project Title: We Teach: A Multimodal Teaching Partnership on General Surgery
Sharon Cudek, Registered Nurse
TG - Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Project Title: Redefining MSICU Nurses' Approach to Skin Health: A Cultural Transformation
Judy Jung, Registered Nurse
TG - Multi-Organ Transplant Unit
Project Title: Improving Patient-Centered Care and the Work Environment: Integrating Volunteer Services on an Adult Inpatient Transplant Unit
Chiashan Gloria Leung, Registered Nurse
TG - Multi-Organ Transplant Unit
Project Title: Super Bugs: A Call for Nursing Involvement in Antimicrobial Stewardship on MOTU
Ingrid Turner, Registered Nurse
TG - Hemodialysis Unit
Project Title: Promoting Staff Wellness while Improving Customer Service
CAP Nursing Innovation and Research Fellowship
Shu (Shawn) Luo, Registered Nurse
TG - Multi-Organ Transplant Unit
Project Title: Towards a Violence Free Work Environment: A Preventive and Collaborative Approach
Kerry Ransom, Registered Nurse
TG - Multi-Organ Transplant Unit
Project Title: Improving Outcomes for Patients with Ostomies through Education and Access to Resources on the Multi Organ Transplant Unit
Allen Wang, Registered Nurse
TG - Multi-Organ Transplant Unit
Project Title: ICOUGH: Reducing Post-Operative Pulmonary Complications in a Transplant Setting
Ann Masterson, Registered Nurse
TW - Medical-Surgical Neuro Intensive Care Unit
Project Title: Art Thou Troubled, Music will Calm Thee
Richa Puri, Registered Nurse
TW - 6A Fell - Neurovascular Unit
Project Title: Improving Inpatient Diabetes Management through Nurse Educational Initiatives

TAHSNp Innovation Fellowship Program Pilot Participants (2014-2015)

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Christopher Romero, Registered Nurse and Ross Violo, Behavior Therapist
Project Title: Christopher and Ross will be working on a joint project looking at the use of the Dynamic Assessment of Situational Aggression tool within a forensic mental health inpatient setting.
St. Michael’s Hospital

Kerry Doherty, Physiotherapist and Laura Walker, Registered Nurse
Project Title: Kerry and Laura will be working on a joint project with a focus on streamlining the discharge process for patients with head injuries.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Courtney Miller, Registered Nurse
Project Title: Courtney’s project will focus on building and sustaining best practice champion roles across the organization.

Meaghan Kinlin, Physiotherapist and Emily Stairs, Occupational Therapist
Project Title: Meaghan and Emily are working toward the development of a physiotherapy and occupational therapy role in the Emergency Department.
University Health Network

Jennifer LeBlanc, Registered Respiratory Therapist and Ron McFarlan, Registered Nurse
Project Title: Jennifer and Ron will be working on a joint project with an aim of improving the quality of palliative care provided in the ICU setting while enhancing interprofessional collaboration.
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