2014-2015 Fellowship Recipients (TAHSNp)

TAHSNp Innovation Fellowship Program Pilot Participants (2014-2015)

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Christopher Romero, Registered Nurse and Ross Violo, Behavior Therapist
Project Title: Christopher and Ross will be working on a joint project looking at the use of the Dynamic Assessment of Situational Aggression tool within a forensic mental health inpatient setting.
St. Michael’s Hospital

Kerry Doherty, Physiotherapist and Laura Walker, Registered Nurse
Project Title: Kerry and Laura will be working on a joint project with a focus on streamlining the discharge process for patients with head injuries.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Courtney Miller, Registered Nurse
Project Title: Courtney’s project will focus on building and sustaining best practice champion roles across the organization.

Meaghan Kinlin, Physiotherapist and Emily Stairs, Occupational Therapist
Project Title: Meaghan and Emily are working toward the development of a physiotherapy and occupational therapy role in the Emergency Department.
University Health Network

Jennifer LeBlanc, Registered Respiratory Therapist and Ron McFarlan, Registered Nurse
Project Title: Jennifer and Ron will be working on a joint project with an aim of improving the quality of palliative care provided in the ICU setting while enhancing interprofessional collaboration.
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