2015-2016 Fellowship Recipients (TAHSNp)

Congratulations to the 2015-16 Fellowship recipients

Thompson CAP Nursing Innovation Fellowship

Nadine Dakji, Registered Nurse
TGH - Post Anesthetic Care Unit
Project Title: "Bridging the Gap: Developing a standardized tool for pain management in PACU"
Lichtblau CICU Innovation Fellowship

Jill Michalski, Registered Nurse
TGH - Coronary Intensive Care Unit
Project Title: "Gaps in End of Life Care in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit"
Oncology Health Professions Fellowship (joint)

Veena Louis, Social Worker
TWH - Neurosurgery

Heather Sloman, Occupational Therapist
TWH - Krembil Neurosciences Program
Project Title: "Neuro-oncology Rehabilitation program"
UHN Andreae Family - Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) Interprofessional Innovation and Research Fellowship

Christine Heung, Registered Nurse
TGH - 5B Cardiology
Project Title: "Partnership Approach to Tailored Patient Education in Heart Failure"

Marcella Calouro, Cardiovascular Technologist
TRI - Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
Project Title: "Preparing Patients at the Bedside for their Cardiac Rehab Journey"
UHN CAP Joint Innovation and Research Fellowship (joint)

Caitlin Don, Registered Nurse
TGH - 8ES In-Patient Mental Health
Project Title: "Enhancing the Management of Nicotine Withdrawal in Inpatient Psychiatry"

Sassha Orser, Pharmacist
TGH - 8ES In-Patient Mental Health
Project Title: "Enhancing the Management of Nicotine Withdrawal in Inpatient Psychiatry"
UHN Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Christmas Fund - Toronto General Nursing Innovation and Research Fellowship

Beverly Dias, Registered Nurse
TGH/TWH - Nursing Resource Team, Critical Care Cluster
Project Title: "Skin as a System: A Shift in Educational Paradigms to Improve Skin Health Competence of New Critical Care Nurses"

Stefanie Lys, Registered Nurse
TGH/TWH - Nursing Resource Team, Mental Health Cluster
Project Title: "Improving the care that patients treated with atypical antipsychotics receive by focusing on early identification and treatment of metabolic syndrome"

Stephanie McIlwrick, Registered Nurse
TGH/TWH - Nursing Resource Team, Emergency Cluster
Project Title: "Enhancing Staff Knowledge and Education of Large-Bore IV Insertion"

Michael Nguyen, Registered Nurse
TGH - Emergency Department
Project Title: "Identification and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in the Emergency Department"

Monaliza Tacbas, Registered Nurse
TGH - Multi-Organ Transplant Unit
Project Title: "Healthy Workplace: Improving the Effectiveness of Staff during Critical Situations"
UHN CAP Health Professions Innovation and Research Fellowship

Christine Hill, Radiation Therapist
PMH - Radiation Medicine Program
Project Title: "Radiation Therapy Educational Resources: A Re-focus on Value to the Patient Experience"
UHN CAP Nursing Innovation and Research Fellowship

Kristen Cunningham, Registered Nurse
TWH - 3B Cardiology/General Internal Medicine
Project Title: "Advancing care and education for patients diagnosed with heart failure using a clinical pathway: A pilot project"
UHN Toronto Rehab Health Professions Fellowship for Innovation and Research in Education and Scholarship

Kuntusangpo (Kunsang) Ling, Occupational Therapist
TR - Neurology Service
Project Title: "The Development of a Database of Return to Work Recommendations for Clients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury"
UHN Sprott Surgery Collaborative Academic Practice Fellowship

Jo-Ann Trieu, Registered Nurse
TGH - Operating Room
Project Title: "Preventing Pressure Ulcers during the Perioperative Experience.
TAHSNp Innovation Fellowship Program Pilot Participants (2015-2016)
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Alison McLennan, Social Worker
Women and Babies Program
Project Title: Enhancing the Volunteer Cuddler Program in the NICU

Jennifer Bowler, Social Worker
C5 Trauma
Project Title: Improving the discharge experience for Trauma Program patients and families

Amy Wainwright, Physiotherapist
Holland Musculoskeletal Program
Project Title: An interprofessional approach to improving the patient experience of postoperative pain

Jonathan Russell, Registered Nurse
Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care Program
Project Title: Evaluation of a structured template to standardize and improve nurse-to-nurse handover in a critical care unit

Sabrina Rafaeli, Registered Nurse
OR and Related Services
Project Title: Blocking ambient noises and distractions in the operating room during critical times as a factor to reduce preoperative anxiety in patients
University Health Network

Laurie Metcalf, Registered Nurse
TW - Emergency Department
Project Title:  "Safety Matters: An Initiative to Improve Temporary Restraint Practices in the Emergency Department for Patients with Delirium and Other Altered Mental States"

Fiona Muckle, Registered Nurse
TW - Emergency Department
Project Title:  "Use of the Teach-back Method for Discharge Teaching in the Emergency Department"

Brenda Williams, Clinical Dietician
TW - General Surgery, General Internal Medicine, FIS
Project Title:  "A best practice implementation project of nutrition care in hip fracture patients"

Samuel Santiago, CT Technologist
Project Title:  "Development and Implementation of Computed Tomography Software Upgrade Training Program for CT Technologists"

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